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New galleries


Dear webmasters,

New galleries added. Grab them from your NATS admin. Thanks!

New Promo


Dear webmasters,

Lot's of new promo materials were added during last time, including flash galleries and promo for tube sites. Please grab it in your NATS admin.



Dear colleagues,

We added Paxum as a payout option.

Custom Galleries


Dear webmasters,

We just implemented sophisticated Gallery export tool - Custom Galleries. Now you can choose galleries by sites, time added, media type, duration. You also can dump it in advance mode. Please check it!

Dear webmasters,


We just added new FLV galleries for our sites.

Dear Colleagues,


We just posted new picture and movie galls for TEENDORF.COM. Please grab it from NATS Ad Tools admin or from our email in your mail box.

New FHGs added


Dear Colleagues,
We just added lot's of new free hosted galls for our sites. Please grab it from Ad Tools admin!

18 Stream - new portal!


Welcome to the world of 18 Stream, where the hottest, amateur teen porn is streamed 24/7 live to your computer or mobile phone on demand, when you feel like it! At 18 Stream there are a ton of hot babes taking part in the naughtiest of naughty hardcore scenes. Don't delay and promote 18 Stream to your visitors today!

New site


Spunky Bee is the naughtiest, rudest slut out there. She looks totally innocent though, something that misleads even the best of us. She loves to sleep, dream about sex then wake up and make it a reality. Her extensive collection of sex toys, black book full of booty calls and sexy girlfriends looking to make out is ever increasing. Watch her play with her pussy in fishnets, see her get fucked by her friends with benefits, witness as she plays with paint and truly gets dirty! She’s a real amateur hottie who loves having all kinds of sex, from romantic to the roughest! Promote her, and watch as you cash in on her incredible looks that will encourage many to sign up and follow her through her naughty journey only at the official site of Spunky Bee!

New website


Dear colleagues,

We are glad to announce our brand new website dedicated to role play and domination sex in teen niche. It is a not classical bdsm site, - here you will find young adults, amateurs and first-timers who want to try extraordinary and bright world of domination sex. They hardly know how to operate with whips and lashes but the guys are tuff and the girls are obedient and obliging and that will excite your surfers!

Please add galleries to your scripts and enjoy high sales volume of this brand new product! Lots of promo will follow soon as well as new content updates.

New fine tuned FHGs!


During last time we used to make a lot of FHGs for each update. But according to some of our affiliates it was not a very good way. First of all it took too much time to rotate these galls on MGP sites. Also too many similar thumbs made look sites boring.
From now our policy is 'better fewer but better'. We created new fine tuned galleries for some older updates of our sites!
Use Ad Tools!



We have just added fhgs for our sites and!

Lot's of new FHGs!


Added new free hosted movie and picture galleries for our sites:, and!

Added new FHGs!


Added new fhgs for,, and Use Ad Tools.

New FHG!


Added new movie fhg for Use Ad Tools.

Added a lot of promo!


Available new promo for,,,, and!

Lot's of new FHGs !


Added new free hosted movie and picture galleries for our sites, and

New FHG!


Added new movie fhg for Use Ad Tools.

Added new FHG!


We have just added new fhg for our sites and!
Use Ad Tools.

New site


We are glad to announce our newest site TEENDORF.COM featuring the most natural tender teens having sex in the most natural places of Europe. Long HD videos, viewable and downloadable, HQ photos will attract lots of new members and boost your revenues. We added massive promo pack to our NATS: Free Hosted Galleries, FLV galleries, hosted embeds, hosted FLVs, banners, and will be adding a lot soon.
Please grab list of galleries from Ad Tools selection.

Added a lot of FHG!


We have just added a lot of fhg for our sites:,, and!
Use Ad Tools.

Added a lot of galleries!


Added new flash fhg for, and!

New mix fhg for!


Use new flash fhg to promoting

New promo for!


Now you can use new Hosted FLV, Embed Video, XML feed for

New promo for!


Updated FLV promo for
Now you can use Hosted FLV, Embed Video, XML feed!

New promo for!


Dear colleagues,

Now well new promo for
Hosted FLV, Embed Video, XML feed

Now you can grab 3 min *.flv movies with thumbs in TAB and XML formats or use the already available Embed video code!
Link configure tool is available in section Custom Flash

Active members stats function


Dear colleagues,

this function is temporally disabled due to some bugs. As soon as it is fixed it will appear again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

New site launched -!


Dear colleagues,

We're very excited to introduce our newest site,
This isn't your average teen sex site and neither are the conversions. With these hypersexual teens, you're going to see hyperactive sales.
The site is brand new, but ready for your traffic. There's thousands of photos and hours of videos that your traffic is going to love. They feature the “real” teens performing hardcore acts that will definitely get your surfers attention.

Please grab more than 2000 movie FHGs, banners from NATS admin. We also preparing Embedded Videos, Hostad Flash Videos and XML Feeds which will be ready very soon.

Bug resolved


The bug with stats is succesfuly resolved. All of your signups and rebills were counted correctly and now you may see it in your statistics.

Bug in stats


Dear colleagues,

some of you may experience bug in our NATS sales and rebills stats (shows 0 revenue). Please be advised that this is temporal bug and we are working on it. All your sales and rebills are being counted all the time and will appear in your statistics as soon as we fix it. I am very sorry for incovnenience!


New promo


Dear colleagues,

lot's of new FHGs posted today, please check your mailbox or grab it directly from NATS admin.

Also new banners for teenburg are added to Ad Tools admin.

04.22.09 - new design and great ratio!


Dear colleagues,

We just created new design fot and the result was really great - average ratio became 1:300. Be one of the first who boosted lot's of traffic into it and got more profit! ;)



Lot's of FHGs were added in March for all sites, please check it in AdTools admin.

New promo



new free hosted movie galleries posted for,, and please check your mailbox or reffer to Ad Tools admin

HPAs and FPAs for and


Please grab them from AdTools admin.

New FHGs posted!


Dear colleagues,

we posted lots of new FHGs for,,, and Please grab it from your NATS admin or from email which will be sent to you shortly with your personal codes.

Galls for ready


Please grab it from NATS admin or from our opt-in email.

new site launched



we just launched new site - exclusive teens hardcore 16:9 HD format videos and HQ photos. Be first to take advantage:)

New hosted galleries posted!



new hosted galleries: - group teenburg_videos20 - group TSR_videos7 - group tinseks_025-030pics(10 or 15 or 20pics)

Good luck! :)

New sites!



we launched new sites:

A lot of FHG coming soon, the first bunch of free hosted movie galleries for is already inside NATS :)

US Dollar tours for and



We implemented US Dollar tours for and If you think that your traffic converts better with $29.95 than EUR29.95, you may change links (check it inside NATS admin).

Lots of FHGs posted


A lot of free hosted galleries posted today for (group teensexreality_video6) and also huge bunch of galls for were posted and emailed during past time, please check Ad Tools section.

All payments are done and new FHGs posted


All last payments are done!

Please check our Ad tools section for new picture and video FHGs for and video FHGs for

Payments done and new FHGs posted



all payments for June 1-15 are done, sorry for some delay!

We added new FHGs for (group teenburg_video10-11).

Using new content for custom promo


Dear webaster,

I would like to inform you that you MAY NOT use the following sets for custom movie or stills galleries and/or trailers:

Boris and Silva 29 June 2008
Bratok and Dana 29 June 2008
Ilke and Ron 29 June 2008
03 July 2008 Ira and Ron
03 July 2008 Ilke and Teodor
03 July 2008 Stas and Tanja

Thank you very much for cooperation.

The next set of FHGs will be online in a few days.



Payments for March 01-15 done


All payments for period March 01-15 (and for previous periods if you reached your minimal payment amount between March 01-15) are done.
All epassporte payments were sent from epassporte account tonybucks. If you have questions regarding your payments please reffer to Detailed payment stats ( or email our support.

Thank you for working with us :)

RSS Plugin added


We just added RSS plugin which allows to create morphing feeds with unique content for your blogs.

Please have a look into Ad Tools/RSS section for each site.

Please make sure changes to your account were done!


Hello all :)

If you make any changes to your data (like pay options for example), please do not forget to click on this link afterwards -

"You have edited some of the details of your account. You have not yet verified this change. To have NATS resend the email for this verification you can click here!"

After you get confirmation email please click on confirmation link and make sure your info is updated!

Sorry for temporal inconvenience!

For any questions please contact us:


CCBill as a second billing


Hello all :)

We added CCBill as a second payment processor.

Best Regards!